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Sézane hits over 13M impressions thanks to a dreamy collaboration with Pretty Little Fawn and Honey & Silk.


Primark teams up with Noelle Downing and scores over 2.2M impressions for their US campaign!


Twins Tess & Sarah stay #strappedintofreedom with Teva Sandals


Growing our relationship from 2017, Sézane entered 2018 with big, bright ambition and invited true fans, Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn and Stephanie of Honey & Silk to play role in their beautiful brand of Parisian-inspired story-telling.

Partnering with God & Beauty, Sézane contracted Courtney to post five editorial photos a month for six months, and Stephanie for four months. Courtney and Stephanie’s love for Sézane was easily translated to their audiences through their effortless, chic and fun images, making the two the perfect brand ambassadors this year!


  • 13,001,700+ Organic Impressions

  • 505,558+ Likes on Instagram Channel Content

  • Over 4,000 Comments

  • 3.65% Average Engagement Rate on Branded Content

  • Over 70 pieces of Branded Content

...and much, much more.




Growing her relationship from 2017, Noelle of Noelle’s Favorite Things brought Irish darling brand Primark to God & Beauty, where we worked out a multifaceted six month partnership. This was one of the most fun programs we’ve been a part of, as Primark started the story-telling by bringing Noelle and her bff Rachel Martino to Ireland for an exciting weekend adventure! Because of the organic, long lasting relationship between Noelle and the brand the payoff from her involvement was stunning!


  • 10 pieces of Branded Content

  • 2.2M+ Organic Impressions

  • 85k+ Likes on Instagram Channel Content

  • Over 2,000 Comments

  • 3.88% Average Engagement Rate on Branded Content

...and much, much more.




Twin Insta-stars Tess & Sarah hit the air and road, from Dallas to LA, for Coachella Music Festival! The girls stayed in a fun festival-esque Airbnb, ate delicious local food, and enjoyed the most prolific concert series of the year! With headliners like Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead, the festival experience was not to be missed by bloggers and brands alike!

Teva (a Deckers brand) partnered with God & Beauty on a multi-tier campaign, including both impression driving social content, video and branded photography. The big bonus in working with our team is that we could deliver the community of fans around this huge annual event, but also the quality of photography that Teva could / would use for branded content in their own marketing. A win / win for everyone involved!


  • 1 Million+ Organic Impressions, tied directly to the brand
  • 300,000+ Dedicated Instagram Story Views
  • Over 50 pieces of Branded Content

...and much, much more.

See how God & Beauty delivered the solution, and then some, while having double the fun on the road with Tess & Sarah...


Influence: Buttoned Up + Always On


iam+ approached God & Beauty with a unique challenge: move past celebrity endorsements, and connect their first product, BUTTONS, with the everyday consumer. The key element was delivering a sense of authenticity that would influence holiday shoppers to adopt the wireless trend and secure the key purchasing decision.


  • Over 2.7 Million Organic Impressions
  • 400,000+ Instagram Story Views
  • Over 70 pieces of Branded Content

...and much, much more.

See how God & Beauty delivered the solution, and then some, while having a little fun with a friend named Will.i.am...




Aubry & Co. partnered with God & Beauty to create a ground swell of intrigue around the controversial historical drama, Loving, a Focus Features film. For those unfamiliar with the story, Loving, is the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, the plaintiffs in the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia, which invalidated state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Part of Aubry & Co.’s promotional strategy involved bringing in a real emotional connection to the film, by partnering with an authentic, LA local blogger to help spread the word about the film’s value in society today.

God & Beauty got involved, selecting Courtney Halverson of Pretty Little Fawn to strike the right balance of community support through genuine social storytelling. Courtney was able to tie her own marriage, and acting experience, into the narrative throughout the campaign to create memorable pieces to support the film’s launch.

Leading up to the opening weekend for Loving, Courtney created several unique posts across Instagram, Instagram Stories and Snapchat, through her Pretty Little Fawn channel, that focused on the film and its message. She also joined fans and movie-goers for screenings, culminating in two onsite theater experiences. Generating important awareness and dialogue through love-positive imagery and topics, our team was able to inspire a diverse audience to see the film on opening weekend.

Results Summary:

  • 330,000+ Organic Impressions
  • 75,000+ Dedicated Instagram Story Views
  • 25+ Pieces of Original, Dedicated Content

...and much, much more.

Get all the details behind this collaboration and how God & Beauty can bring an authentic storyline to your next big movie release or brand promotion:


Romantic elegance for spring windows worldwide


Collectively + Banana Republic partnered with God & Beauty + Honey & Silk, along side three other top influencers from Los Angeles and San Francisco for their Spring 2016 Closet VIP campaign. Each influencer showcased a statement Banana Republic look via Brand-produced images of Honey & Silk's Stephanie Liu were featured in storefront windows in locations all over the world, from Los Angeles to New York City, London, Milan, and Tokyo.

Brand-produced video, photo, and interview content lived on BananaRepublic.com and were also featured in a full-length editorial with Stephanie’s original content on Honeynsilk.com. 


  • Millions of impressions worldwide from BANANA REPUBLIC
  • 240,000+ impressions from Honey & Silk channels
  • Incredible brand love + loyalty from building a Worldwide Organic Campaign


  • Full production in-home video, featured on Banana Republic's YouTube channel <link>, as well as Honey & Silk YouTube and Dailymotion channels
  • 1 Blog Post on honeynsilk.com <link>
  • 4 Social Amplification Posts on @honeynsilk channels
  • All high-res imagery for store window, in-store display, point-of-sale display, digital ad buys and email marketing

At one of the nation's revenue leading malls - South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA

At one of the nation's revenue leading malls - South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA

A captivating digital cruise


Mr. Turk & Celebrity Cruises contracted with God & Beauty and MYBELONGING to create a captivating cruise journey that was visually and immersively encapsulated into an interactive lookbook (click here to see). The lookbook took full advantage of the amenities and itineraries -- on and off the cruise to showcase Mr. Turk’s SS16 collection -- all the while emphasizing the travel chic aspect of the brand’s newest collection and driving sale conversions.


  • 300k+ impressions (both site + social)
  • 3325 unique entries
  • 36% click-through rate


  • A full color, shoppable Digital Lookbook <link>
  • 1 Dedicated Feature Editorial on mybelonging.com <link>
  • Raffle / Giveaway on Blog and Social
  • 4 Social Amplification posts on @MYBELONGING channels