Steffy Degreff is the writer and photographer behind Steffy's Pros and Cons, which she started in 2011. Steffy lives by the sea in Long Beach, NY with her husband Matt, son Hudson and their doxie Claude. She is a sweets for breakfast (and dinner) kind of person, and she doesn’t mind getting lost (by car, train or plane), especially if there's a vintage store within 15 miles. Some months she might change her living room rug five times, while others she won’t home to look at it for five minutes – as you can tell from her profile Steffy likes to go where life takes her, and share her journey, of course!

Steffy has collaborated with many brands that have helped shaped the overall lifestyle she shares. From West Elm to Marriott Properties, to Madewell and FRAME. Brands and agencies alike love her eye for composition, and her followers’ engagement of her content is a testament to her storytelling ability!