Growing our relationship from 2017, Sézane entered 2018 with big, bright ambition and invited true fans, Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn and Stephanie of Honey & Silk to play role in their beautiful brand of Parisian-inspired story-telling.

Partnering with God & Beauty, Sézane contracted Courtney to post five editorial photos a month for six months, and Stephanie for four months. Courtney and Stephanie’s love for Sézane was easily translated to their audiences through their effortless, chic and fun images, making the two the perfect brand ambassadors this year!


  • 13,001,700+ Organic Impressions

  • 505,558+ Likes on Instagram Channel Content

  • Over 4,000 Comments

  • 3.65% Average Engagement Rate on Branded Content

  • Over 70 pieces of Branded Content

...and much, much more.