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Noelle Downing is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (NY), and one of the most sought after champions of the Body Positive movement in her space. Her blog is about her everyday favorites from home decor, to workout gear, to outfits which she also shares on her Instagram daily. She also loves to share her two pets Monty and Duke, and her fiance Danny!

Noelle started her blog in 2013 to help inspire women at every age to love their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin and also bring joy and celebrate the happy moments with whomever wanted to follow along.

She has collaborated with many popular brands, from Modcloth to Dove, Google, H&M, Dunkin Donuts, Vogue, Aveda, Asos, DSW, People, Origins and many more!


Swim for Everyone

Noelle by Noelle is our first retail offering as an exclusive collection of swimwear created by Noelle Downing. Noelle is a major force in the body positive movement, and created this line of swimwear to show that all bodies are swimsuit bodies. Noelle by Noelle is excited to share its first collection—Golden Hour.

Noelle by Noelle is the beginning of the achievement of a long-coming dream for both Noelle and the G&B team, and together we are excited to share the adventure of her collections with each of you!