God & Beauty provides the most scientific, data-driven and legit micro-influencers to our brand and agency partners. Using what we call the Social True Score ranking system we can cut through the noise and find the best partners for your social media campaigns. From foodies yet to be discovered in Los Angeles to the up-next talent on the streets of Amsterdam, our team helps you get the best influence quickly.


Trusted by over 1,500 brands and agencies around the world, God & Beauty is putting our full weight behind this responsible micro-influencer programming. We listened to the need to form a response to the world of micro-influence from our partners, and we found that our methodology simply does micro right. Plus, we're fun to work with.


Follower Count is just one of the stats you should be looking at, and honestly we don’t find that number all that important. What you are truly buying from an influencer is a mix of actual impressions, their POV and creative spin on your brand, and the power of association.

With that in mind our team dove into developing a formula that would rank influencer effectiveness. While the specifics are proprietary, they take into account everything from engagement rate, estimated impressions, and % of branded content, to average following of an influencers followers and content quality.

Every time you work with God & Beauty you will be able to see an influencer’s score, making the best decision about who to include in your campaign.

If you're a brand and you just have to get in the game, but want to do it right, let's talk!

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Please note that we are currently not offering exclusive management services to micro-influencers.


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