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God & Beauty has been about "influencing the world, together" from the start, and now we want to invite you to be a part of influencing the tone of the world around us.

Order the official Influence Love shirt below. When you receive your shirt, we simply ask that you share your personal response to current events, share a message of love, etc. on your Instagram account. We're encouraging you to connect with your readers in your own voice about how to influence love!

  • Campaign: #influencelove
  • Tag: @gnbinfluence + someone you want to pull into the conversation
  • All proceeds go directly to your charity of choice!

UPDATE: In response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey we invite you to #influencelove toward those who's lives were affected. Choose "Red Cross" to have your donation sent to the American Red Cross.

Unisex Influence Love T-Shirt
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Since before the US Presidential election I caught myself wondering, out loud sometimes, what can I do about this? I know from several friends and family members, that many of you have probably felt the same way. The "this" has changed over the last almost year, but not by much. This is not a party's not a political's about the tone of conversations between your every day neighbors, teachers, those in the media and of course, those representing our country.

Recently while away in France I was looking at what was going around the United States (Charlottesville, etc.), wondering again, what can I do about this? Well, one thing I do happen to have because of what I do at God & Beauty is influence over...INFLUENCERS! I decided that one thing I can do is use my influence to hopefully influence my team here to take a little time out for love. Take time out of our photo shoots and blog writing, meetings and travels to impact those of you that follow our G&B family in a different way...spread awareness of a positive tone and movement against those who would spread hate, fear and violence...singling out those who are often marginalized here in America. Allow us to present...


Every t-shirt bought goes to benefit the Anti-Defamation League and their new program, Alliance Against Hate. My hope is that when you receive your shirt you'll do what social media users do best...go out, take some great photos, and share them with your own community of followers.

If all of us used our influence to influence others to love, for even just a day...imagine how the tone of the conversation around our country, around the world, could shift.

- Kyle Hjelmeseth, Founder - God & Beauty