• Specific Arab / Ex-Pat Influencer Marketing Program Management
  • Branded Marketing Content
  • Middle East Live / In-store Activations
  • UAE-International Editorial / Travel Campaigns

After years of success in the US exclusively managing major market influencers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle verticals, God & Beauty has turned it's eye east

As brand and publishers' interest in the Middle Eastern market grows, we have responded. Our team is on the ground, based in Dubai, and has the ultimate visibility / connection to talent in the region -- our competitors simply do not.

If you're a brand or agency looking to partner on programs throughout the UAE / Middle East, look no further. God & Beauty can give you access, and will expertly vet, program and organize to bring your campaign success!

Let's go -- EAST.

If you're a brand or influencer who is interested in doing business in the Middle East, please use the form below to get in touch! 

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