DOUBLE UP! Tess & Sarah Join God & Beauty

2017 is here, and God & Beauty is thrilled to announce a major addition to our family of influencers and creatives // Twin style mavens Tess and Sarah Behannon of Tess & Sarah!

The lives of Tess & Sarah, identical twins, artists and inspired storytellers, are dotted with adventure. Starting in 2013 the two young fashionistas used their creative eye to turn an Instagram account into a visual diary of their style explorations, and what has become an inspiration for followers worldwide. Based outside of Dallas with their family and Shih Tuz Gizmo, they can be found baking, painting and of course taking pictures. How do you tell them apart? Sarah probably has the laughing smile on her face, while Tess is bit more serious, and maybe a smidge taller.

The twins' goals are to expand on their budding relationships with partners like Revlon, Pacsun, Urban Outfitters and Daniel Wellington, while creating relationships with dream brands and reaching a greater audience to inspire. They are highly attuned and resonate with a coming of age demographic, the Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Darling, glossy print readers, which is evident by their massive engagement.

Tess & Sarah are poised to take over the young, dreamer world out there -- reminding everyone to be themselves, and celebrate their unique stories.