Were you a Good Brand this Year?

Let’s get trendy for 2019!

Let’s face it, we’re at the edge of the year and the time has come for your company to count its blessings and its mistakes in order for you to regroup and have your brand be a better version for this upcoming year.  

Think of it as grading yourself, you have to be honest and admit to yourself where things went right or wrong. This exercise is not meant for you to get judgemental, but it’s like we always say: evaluate, analyze and optimize.  

Why is this so important for you to do? The answer is simple. Know your brand at its best, because if you get to know your brand, you get to see the full potential of what it can be and you can work and drive your strong points while also nurturing your weaknesses.  That being said, will 2019 be your brand’s year then?

“Know your brand at its best, because if you get to know your brand, you get to see the full potential of what it can be and you can work and drive your strong points while also nurturing your weaknesses.”   Photo courtesy of Spencer Goulding (   @spencergoulding   )

“Know your brand at its best, because if you get to know your brand, you get to see the full potential of what it can be and you can work and drive your strong points while also nurturing your weaknesses.”

Photo courtesy of Spencer Goulding (@spencergoulding)

Maybe it’s time for you to start recruiting some allies to join the revolution of your brand in 2019. Yes, my dear, of course we’re talking about Influencer Marketing and it’s time we talk about trends. According to here are some of the biggest influencer marketing trends for 2019:

  1. Influencers Become Entrepreneurs. You have probably seen this here and there, but you will see it a lot in 2019. Influencers turning their names into brands or businesses is a great tool to drive engagement and increase your reach.

  2. Disclosure of Sponsored Content. Have you fallen victim of buying one of those useless weight loss products that the Kardashians shove in your face almost every damn day? We feel you. Proper disclosure of sponsored content will play a key part in Influencer’s strategies next year, so keep an eye on that.

  3. Influencer Podcasts. People find Influencers more relatable and real when they share more intimate aspects an personal details about their lives. Podcasts are a great way to go a step further in doing so.

  4. Fighting Fake Followers. This is a big one and one near and dear to many of the Influencers in our roster. More software and data are coming up everyday to fight the hard battle of spotting fake followers. Do your research about this one because this one will help mostly you. With these tools, you can easily spot the real ones that will work better with your brand. There’s a great book on how to spot fake followers that we really recommend. Take a peek and go to school, boo.

All of these are categories with a lot of potential that have been developing this year and will be significantly increasing in 2019 and, honey,  you better find a way to connect with some of these trends. We’re always talking about the organic feel and these five trends focus on that feeling specifically.

Are you still wondering why Influencer Marketing works? Connection, connection, connection. Humans being humans and connecting with brands. Influencer Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of connecting with a community, an in 2019, many of the techniques and approaches that were popular in 2018 will still be in use. But there are key trends that brands should be aware of if they want to expand their success in 2019.

Let’s be thankful for all the adventures we had in 2018. Thank you to all our clients for allowing us to work with them and help them co-create strategies that allowed them (and us) to grow.  The #GNBSquad is so ready for 2019 and we would like you to be ready as well. Don’t be shy! Go browse our website, see how we run things around here, meet our squad, be mesmerized by our media kits and let’s make 2019, your year!

Five Tips for Holiday Marketing Success

Well, if we said it once, we’ve said it a million times; the holidays are coming. And shoppers are getting those coins ready, honey. But as they prepare their hard earned coin, they’re also preparing their brains because consumers are more cautious and strategic than ever when it comes to shopping and with thousands of brands throwing stuff out there, people are literally being bombarded with offers and promotions. So how are you stepping up to promote your stuff this year and reach the people that you want to reach? Let’s. talk. marketing. strategy.

According to, in 2017 alone, the winter holiday sales brought in $138.4 billion of revenue online, with in-store sales adding up to $691.9 billion. So, if you’re looking for a piece of that this year, let’s talk about the five best marketing strategies that will boost your holiday sales:

  1. Determine the type of discounts you want to offer. 2018 consumers are savvy shoppers. They know that businesses are competing for customers, and they are on the lookout for discounts and sales. As we mentioned in a previous article, giving an affiliate code to every Influencer that works with your brand is a great way to keep track of their impact with their audience while also making your consumers feel special and unique by giving them a special treat only for the people that choose to follow your Influencer.

  2. Provide gift suggestions. It's only going to get more hectic from now until the holidays. Make things easy for your customers. Influencers are a great resource for this particular one, because they know their communities and are really savvy when it comes to being visual about the type of content they upload. They have blogs and other social media channels where they can create gift guides and other great resources to showcase your products in a way that will appeal to your consumer.

  3. Tap into nostalgia. Have you ever browsed your instafeed and totally melted when you saw a blogger rocking a Fresh Prince of Bel Air t-shirt? Bet your entire childhood came crashing down on you and that is something you can use. The holidays are surrounded by a glow of memories of childhood and magic, times when the snow was thicker and Santa Claus was real. Why not design your holiday marketing campaign to tap into holiday nostalgia?

  4. Make the most of mobile. Mobile marketing has become increasingly important for e-commerce in the last couple of years. Over $17 billion of sales were made by mobile in the 2016 holiday season and over $35 billion in the 2017 season. In 2018, mobile sales are predicted to surpass desktop sales for the first time. Instagram is driving sales for brands now more than ever with their shopping tool to tag products in photos. Your Influencer can do a great job at being visual while also making things easier for people to shop your products.

  5. Turn to video marketing. Video marketing is on the rise, allowing you to market your brand, not just your products. Consumers love behind-the-scenes videos relating to their favorite brands. You can use an Influencer to collaborate on holiday campaigns and sales to make your brand more relatable.

Influencers are a great resource to showcase your products in a way that will appeal to your consumer.   Photo courtesy of Alyssa Campanella ( @alysscampanella )

Influencers are a great resource to showcase your products in a way that will appeal to your consumer.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Campanella (@alysscampanella)

Now, go back and read the five strategies again. When you read them out loud, one tool comes to mind and becomes very clear—Influencers. Influencers can be your special magic trick under that Marketing sleeve of yours and save the day, the year, the whole damn season! Go micro, nano or macro with your Influencer. They’re going to be your best allies.

And this is what we do. The GNB Squad is all about finding the best solutions to our clients and making sure we take the best care of them. Take a peek at our roster and get ready to have your mind *blown* with the perfect strategy for your brand. You’re welcome.

*drops mic*

‘Tis the Season: Come get your Pumpkin Spice Sales Strategy

We’ve been talking about several different topics in our past holiday articles (now’s a good time for you to go to the blog and catch up on some reading ;)), but one word that we have mentioned a lot that they all have in common is strategy.  Are you feeling trendy?  Feeling like your brand could catch up with the holiday buzz? Well, honey, it’s time for us to talk all about strategy. Creating a proper and efficient strategy is not only about sell, sell, sell.  

What we’re looking for is to get creative and finding a neat structure for your strategy, i.e. changing something old with a new concept—Design thinking! Ring any bells? Got your attention?  Let’s continue then.

Now, what is Design Thinking? Because it sounds like something that should be exclusive to graphic artists, right? Wrong. Design Thinking is not an exclusive property of designers—all great innovators in literature, art, music, science, engineering, and business have practiced it. The Design Thinking approach has one single goal: to understand and solve a problem for the consumer. It’s characterized by empathy, customer-centricity and curiosity. Design Thinking as a whole is a complex, in-depth set of principles. When used to address other business problems, only the most relevant and useful principles are pulled out and applied. When it comes to the sales process, the discovery phase is where the Design Thinking principles can make the biggest impact.


“The Design Thinking approach has one single goal: to understand and solve a problem for the consumer.”

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Stice (@aclotheshorse)

OK, we know you, boo. You might be thinking that Design Thinking cannot be applied to Influencer Marketing. What you don’t know, is that based on your goals, Influencers can become a bridge between a sale and an experience itself. How? By sharing, creating that organic feel and taking that natural momentum to drive and promote your products/services in a very connected way.

An Influencer promoting and amplifying your message and your brand, to their audience means credibility. It means additional reach, and it means you get an outsized modifier to the conversion process.
— Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz

We’ve been through it before, but we’d like to freshen you up with five of the most important Influencer marketing goals your brand should focus on:

  1. Brand awareness

  2. Traffic

  3. Sales and lead generation

  4. Social media followers and engagement

  5. Reputation

Since the Holiday season is coming up, you can combine your Design Thinking planned for other channels and apply it to any new Influencer strategy that you might be interested in. Your main goal should always be connecting with your users and possible customers. They need to know that someone’s listening to them.  

But don’t get it twisted, know what to listen for. A great piece by Krill Tsernov talks about why you should listen to your customers and why you shouldn’t. It’s about finding a balance and creating a healthy relationship with customer feedback. Do we over or underestimate listening in our business success?

So, to sum things up, balance and structure are key when it comes to strategy. Design Thinking will help you get your strategy on and make Influencers your best allies as powerful weapons to get as many customers as you can.

Are you still thinking that you’re not gonna make it? Is it too late now to say sorry? Don’t worry, we got you! Here at G&B, we assist you with a proper plan and have an incredible family of Influencers that can make that plan happen for you. Check out our roster and reach out to us with any questions, we’ll help you in the best way we can.