The Triple Take: God & Beauty Rocks Dresses, Denim and London Men’s Fashion Week

Dresses: Stephanie and Honey & Silk took her faithful followers on a journey of whimsical dresses with her recent collaborations. The Dress Edit breaks down the various everyday styles, that could be worn on a romantic night out or on that much needed get away.

Stephanie detailed the shoot and her thoughts, but the true beauty in her partnerships is that she lets the images speak for themselves. The detailing is highlighted in macro shots with beautiful natural light and the glow of the world around her.

Partners: Net-a-Porter, Raquel Allegra, Chloe’, Zimmermann

Denim: Courtney and Pretty Little Fawn pushed the envelop with last week's 'Denim Risks'. Her visual journal takes us everywhere; on errands, casual date night, and it’s even starting to show up in the boardroom. Everywhere we look denim is there and Courtney shows her audience some great ways to wear denim on denim with partner Bridge & Borrow with variations in coloring, detailing and tailoring.

She also shows the beauty of colored denim with Urban Outfitters by testing a pink denim jacket.

Her final tribute to denim was the ever loved and feared white denim pant. We all love them and fear that we will destroy them in a simple run to our favorite coffee shop.  The other fear of the fashion-forward woman is that wearing white denim is that she will resemble the overzealous PTA mom, but Courtney shows her audience how to work around that by pairing with a great flare crop.

Partners: Bridge & Borrow, Urban Outfitters, Madewell

London Men’s Fashion Week: Tommy Lei's images from London Men’s Fashion Week not only amazed his MYBELONGING community, but his perspective on the experience gives a different look on what fashion week could be. For most of Tommy's following they can only dream of what this experience must be like. The lights, the glam, the intensity…but Tommy brings a refreshing hue to what Fashion Weeks can really be.

Check out the full blog on London Town.

The visual element of his experience might tell viewers another story. His images are so stunning from his posed Hunter Boots to the show images from Wan Hung, Harry’s of London, Edward Crutchley and Tate Modern. These are stunning and show viewers a side of London that only Tommy could.

Partners: Hunter Boots, WOW Airlines, London Men’s Fashion Week