LOCK IT UP! The God & Beauty Roster is Complete

Influencers Kirsten Alana AND Coury Combs of Fancy Tree House join the God & Beauty family!

With the addition of these two stellar creatives, God & Beauty's core roster of digital influencers and content creators is complete. We will solely be focused on supporting our current roster in the growth and management of their businesses -- a lock down we're extremely excited to announce!


  • Blog: www.kirstenalana.com/
  • Instagram: instagram.com/kirstenalana/
  • Facebook: facebook.com/kirstenalana/
  • Twitter: twitter.com/KirstenAlana

Kirsten Alana rounds out our travel and lifestyle group at God & Beauty. She started blogging in 2006, and has since grown her presence across multiple platforms, being named a Top Travel Instagrammer by everyone from Harper’s Bazaar to Mashable and Marie Claire. 

Her passion for storytelling was born during her stint as a wedding and portrait photographer, which lasted for a decade before she turned her lens to travel and lifestyle stories full time. Since then, she has worked for brands on every continent, (except Antarctica...yet), ranging from Four Seasons and Air France to Ted Baker and Stoli Elit. Most of her projects have some element of photography as a central focus, but she have also offers consultation services to clients on social media and branding; She has spoken at conferences on six continents; and has been in front of the camera hosting for CNN, Travel+Leisure, and Expedia; and she was the first photographer to travel around the world aboard Four Seasons new private jet in the Spring of 2015.

Needless to say, at God & Beauty excited to become her partners, and most of all her friend.


  • Blog: fancytreehouse.squarespace.com/
  • Instagram: instagram.com/fancytreehouse/
  • Facebook: facebook.com/Fancy-Treehouse-90664626615/
  • Twitter: twitter.com/fancytreehouse

Coury Combs is the definition of the California Renaissance Woman, and her incredible journey through life are the tangible and intangible resources that have built Fancy Tree House.

Born to blog, and writing ever since, Coury has run the gamut of ways to be inspired. Cutting hair, and selling vintage clothes, playing in a band (with her husband) -- and then along came Goldie. Talk about inspiration. Coury and Goldie have fun with fashion, mixing colors and textures, as apparent through the wildly vivid photography. And then came along Darcy. Coury, Goldie and Darcy...a three’s company of parks, playdates, movies, dancing around together at home. Everyday has to have dancing and singing involved, or you can count them out.

Working with everyone from Disney to Kate Spade, Coach to Evenflo Strollers -- they are the new West Coast First Family of Fashion. Feel special, as you just got your invitation into the Fancy Tree House.

Meet the family...