Intern Sign Off: Where Does Influence Go From Here

Before I started here at God & Beauty, I met our founder Kyle at my university. We were discussing the importance of influencers in marketing. At the time I thought: "Influencers bring a lot of value to brands", because I had learned that in class and had seen it in real life. My interaction with influencers was following beauty bloggers for their advice and honest opinions, they had made me want to purchase particular products. Before this internship, I didn't really know the actual hard work and value that went into creating was I consumed. 

Influencers are artists at their job. From my time here I've seen modeling, editing, acting all happen around me. The team at God & Beauty are professional artists, truly. It made me realize that these influencers take pride in their job just like any other artist does. I've written so much about "trust" and "authenticity", and these people exude it in the real world with their professionalism. I followed influencers because I believed the lifestyle they brought to life, and it's been amazing be apart of so many stories that have been told. 

The industry is only going to be getting bigger and more influential, and I hope that brands see the work these influencers put into their content. There is real value in what they can provide and statistic have shown they are only getting more powerful in the marketplace. I've learned so much about the planning and dedication these influencers have, and they can bring so much to the table creatively. These are our new celebrities and the market should embrace them as such. I believe that moving forward there will be more doors opened for influencers and brands. Apps have been growing by the week to embrace these changes and enrich their feeds. 

Influencers bring people together with common goals and lifestyles, and that's something to be appreciated as a tool for brands. From here brand ambassadors will go up as the technology evolves. I hope to see more of a growth in VR and influencers, as well as more stories. People don't care where your brand came from if you tell them with a novel, you need visuals and someone else saying your story matters and this is why. 

After my time here, I think I will only see the success of the influencers of God & Beauty grow. This company is truly the gem of influencer marketing, I wish it nothing but success and continued prosperity. Thank you for all you've done for me, I'm extremely grateful for this oppurtunity. It's not good bye- it's see you later!

REFLECTION: YouTubers Enhancing Digital Marketing

Source: Forbes

What You Need to Know:

  • YouTube has 30 million visitors per day, with 300 hours of video content being uploaded every minute.

  • In a study conducted by Defy Media found that 63% of 13-24 year olds would purchase something based on a YouTuber’s opinion on a product.

  • Gen Z and Millennial viewers watch approximately 11 hours of YouTube a week, making it one of the most influential social platforms.


Video content is far more relatable than a photograph, making their subscribers feel as though they have a genuine connection to them and their story.

Photo Curtsey of Davidsbeenhere


The Rest

Started back in 2005, YouTube has made its way to being the top video platform in the social sphere. Now with creators like Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart showing that YouTuber’s can become major sources of influence, it has changed the scope of influence and popularity. Influencers like Zoella, who have amassed a deeply loyal following, reviews dozens of beauty products a month has gained popularity through her honesty with her following. YouTubers have gained incredible trust with their communities, especially the micro-influencers on YouTube. The effect of a micro influencer on YouTube is similar of what we have discussed before, their audience is really engaged.

Brands have a lot to gain from YouTube marketing, especially with their reach. Video content is far more relatable than a photograph, making their subscribers feel as though they have a genuine connection to them and their story. YouTubers are the new celebrity endorsement, especially when there is a long term partnership with a brand. Their subscribers feel as though they are supporting their favorite YouTuber by buying into the brand who sponsors them. Brands like Audible and Loot Crate have grown due to the loyalty of YouTuber’s subscribers.

Moral of the Story

YouTubers bring a lot to the table! There is YouTube brand ambassadors for just about every type of campaign and partnership. YouTube has endless possibilities and niches, meaning reaching your target market is possible. Finding the perfect fit for your brand can have a great boost in your brand’s reach and awareness.

Little Tip from the Top

Adblock has been a problem for many brands advertising online. With 43% of online consumers using ad blocking apps, only 0.06% of ads actually get clicked on. Even with YouTube advertising, most of them are blocked while browsing on a computer. With integrated campaigns with YouTubers, your advertising dollars are going to use because your content is within the video and unblockable. This leaves YouTuber’s as one of the best bets for digital marketing campaigns.

REFLECTION: Gen Z Social Habits

Source: Tube Filter

What You Need to Know:

  • Gen Z are those between the ages of 13-17, and are more engaged with social media and influencer than even Millennials.

  • Gen Z is 13% more likely to view brand photos, as well as 12% more likely to recommend brand pages to their friends.

  • When it comes to influencers, 51% of Gen Z prefers influencer branded content ads over TV ads and other traditional digital ads.


Being raised with social media, this generation really cares about authenticity and having a connection to brands.

Photo Curtesy of Tess & Sarah

The Rest

Brands have been focused on how to speak to Millennials and connect with them as a generational group, not noticing the major shifts in dynamics that are developing in Gen Z. These 13-17 year olds have a massive loyalty to social media and influencers, especially those who are on YouTube. Being raised with social media, this generation really cares about authenticity and having a connection to brands. They listen deeply to trends and viral products, just as Millennials do, but they are far more likely to interact with brands. Gen Z are more likely to follow brand pages (13%+) and share them with their friends to create a social conversation (12%+), as they are more likely to read reviews and listen to their peer group (3%+).

Developing marketing habits that embraces Gen Z is greatly important as they move into your target market. With these differences influencers become a much more important tool for your brand, especially when it comes to expressing your brand's lifestyle. Lifestyle is one of the most important values that Gen Z picks up on when it comes to your brand. Since they are growing up with the ability to purchase anything online, the market exponentially grows for them and they now choose brands who aligns with their lifestyle or dream lifestyle. 40% of their online entertainment comes from YouTube, they are more likely to purchase what their dream lifestyle blogger recommends.

Moral of the Story

As Gen Z continues to grow and define their habits, they are showing signs of not responding to written media as much. With such a love for YouTube and short-form videos, Gen Z is 6x more likely to watch a video instead of read an article or blog. Developing a marketing plan that is about videos and influencers is the perfect package for reaching Gen Z and developing a brand relationship with them. Finding ways to have your brand stand out among the crowd of brands they have access to is going to be the key of creating a memorable campaign.   

Little Tip from the Top

Don’t try to stray too far from some social platforms! Gen Z tends to be on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but they also on smaller platforms like and Whisper. When it come to story platforms, Snapchat is still a major player with Gen Zs. Dipping your brand toe into new platforms can connect yourself with them and can open doors to amazing engagement. If you need help connecting to your Gen Z market, please contact God & Beauty.