At God & Beauty, we work hand-in-hand with our family of influencers to achieve their dream as the core of our vision for what talent management should look and feel like. We encourage each to communicate their values to the world and grow their following organically, and intentionally. We build relationships and lead conversations with top brands and agencies, world wide, that result in highly-engaging and impactful collaborations, increasing the value of influence for our partners.

Together we can influencer the world.



Led by distinguished Purdue Alumnus Kyle Hjelmeseth, God & Beauty was founded in 2017, quickly growing to almost 20 cherry-picked influencers, and over 700 clients that year. Now the firm has grown to over 1,000 clients, many thousand programs, and launched internationally in 2018.

Kyle is an authority in sales management, training and leadership development with experience specifically tied to aspirational fashion brands. Before starting G&B he served as a national director for rising star Chloe + Isabel, teaching sales tactics and principles of entrepreneurship to more than 12,000 fashion merchandisers nationwide.

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“I get to be an incredible creative partner to a few,

who go out and inspire many.”