Creative, talented, industriouS masterminds and story-tellers.

Our roster of influenCE is #squadgoals

At God & Beauty we achieve our dream by working hand-in-hand with our family of influencers to achieve theirs.

Our management team serves as a partner to each individual, honing in on their brand identity, persona, and voice together.


We encourage each to communicate their values to the world, and grow their following like a tv channel grows its audience.

Our role is creative partner, mentor and business manager.

We build the relationships and lead conversations with top brands and agencies that bring about highly-engaging collaborations, and we pitch out ideas to increase the value of influence for our partners.

As an influential creative you can see your potential realized, while working with the worlds most exciting brands. 

Together we can be what influences the world.

We love hearing from up-and-coming creatives, so please feel free to say hi and let us get to know you!